TIP: Apply the size of a pea to your entire face with fingertips.  Works great as a stand alone moisturizer or to be used over mositurizer and before makeup.   BUY NOW

Get your gorgeous GLOW on!  This is one of our best products if you are looking for that healthy luminous glow.  Apply with our Unique Pointed Powder brush to cheekbones and high points or wherever you want to look fresh and glowing.  Angelic splash is 100% all natural and mineral.

Tip: Dust on as a finishing powder when all your makeup is done with a brush.  Start with just a little bit and build on to your liking! BUY NOW

We can't keep this on the shelf! Our best seller and here is why...this is the beginning of the makeup miracle!  In one jar you get; oil-free moisturizing with calming serum, pore and line filler or as we call it 'bondo' to erase the appearance of fine lines and enlarged pores, holds makeup on for longevity of your application and an incredible illumination and glow that makes you look like your on a new vitamin!  

#3 Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation (All natural. SPF 20. Light reflective coverage)

The best all natural mineral powder foundation ever.  Enjoy healthy foundation as you layer on and increase the coverage with our stunning light reflective, SPF20, waterproof mineral powder.  Pressed means no mess!  Use over our Refreshing Primer or your favorite Kriss moisturizer.  This makes the perfect setting powder over any foundation if you are looking for full coverage.

Tip:  Apply by taping our Kabuki brush into the compact, and don't tap off! You want to use every morsel to apply to your face.    4 taps into the compact for all over your face, then 2 taps in to press and pat over each closed eye.  This powder has enough coverage to act as a concealer, foundation and powder for light coverage needs.  BUY NOW

#4 Angelic Splash (Brush on GLOW.  All natural mineral. Instant radiance)


#1 Refreshing Primer  â€‹ (Hydrate. Retexturize. Illuminate.)    

The best concealer in the universe!  Use our Camofluer Concealer is all natural, mineral, waterproof and nourishes the skin with maximum coverage.  Considered a paramedical grade formula, it can be used to hide blemishes, scaring, broken capillaries, hyper pigmentation and is the best dark circle hider ever!

Kriss has endorsed this problem solving mascara for over 8 years now.  It is a patented formula that is both oil and waterproof.  It will NEVER run or smudge.  We offer this in black or dark brown and also in an amplified formula the builds thickness. And, the best part is it comes off easy with a warm water massage in little tubes!

Tip:  Use a wiggle motion horizontally on the upper lashes to keep lashes coated all the way around and wiggle through to ends for length.  You will never get clumping if you use Kriss's wiggle technique.  Use what is left in a vertical motion tickling lower lashes back and forth.  Simply massage with water to remove as the mascara will slip off your lashes like a glove.  One tube lasts 7 months!!!!!!  BUY NOW

Tip:  Apply with the Camo #10 brush.  Use a small amount to start and place on the back of your hand as a palette.  Using a little at a time, apply and use feather stroking motions to blend until the coverage is flawless yet product is undetected.  Set with a light dusting of mineral powder to seal wearability for the entire day.  BUY NOW

#2 Camofluer Concealer (Hide flaws. Cover imperfections. Highlight darkness)

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#5 Blinc Tube Mascara (Oil and waterproof. Smudge-proof, Easy to remove)