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Explore our site and meet Celebrity Makeup Artist Kriss Blevens as she shares her passion, transformative techniques and products that boast miraculous reviews nationwide.

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  Kriss has powdered the faces of every major presidential candidate and oodles of celebrities and faces,  for the past 27 years.  She went from small-town makeup artist to master of the political face not by playing up features or shaving off years, but by achieving the kind of no-makeup makeup that we’ all crave, — a healthy, shine-free sameness, no matter the age, race or gender.

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see what happend
In June of 2007, at the first CNN presidential debate, Kriss had the entire nation talking about Hilary Clinton's beauty!
Kriss has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, The NY Times, The Boston Herald, Allure Magazine, Inside Edition & Access Hollywood!

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"Beauty is not stagnant, it is always changing and craving to be expressed.  Makeup is a power tool for transformation. It often unleashes a new "inner vibe" in the wearer igniting heightened self esteem.  It is my joy to be your tour guide of enhanced inner and outer beauty!"
xxoo Kriss

Our Purpose Since 1987... 
Kriss Cosmetics has been dedicated to
providing you with the best possible products at the most reasonable priceThroughout history, makeup has always been important to women searching to be more beautiful.  In this search, we have found that makeup does a magical job of polishing the outside, yet usually fails to fill us with a true feeling of inner beauty.  We crave both.  Over the years the fashion industry has promoted its ‘fads’ which attempt to get us to buy impulsively.
At Kriss Cosmetics, we stand firm in our belief in classic, natural beauty.  We want you to feel comfortable with your looks and to simplify the beauty regimen…leaving more time for your inner beauty to flourish    

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